Born in the Bay Area, raised mostly in Minneapolis where she received a BFA in Painting with additional studio work in Printmaking, and based in the Asia-Pacific region for 15 years. Now she lives and works in Kowloon Hong Kong, with occasional forays to the US and elsewhere.

Briel's art takes the form of installations, hand-pulled and digital prints, occasionally paintings. It is made with materials that become talismanic: silk, sharks fins, paper made of US military uniforms, precious stones, US and Chinese currencies, French and British paper as a base for images made in their former colonies. At the heart of her work are experiments with multiple layers of meaning in the interaction of material culture, text vs spoken language, and cultural collisions. 

Performing Cruel Luxuries [Beta] at Cheung Chau Wave, Hong Kong, 2017

Performing Cruel Luxuries [Beta] at Cheung Chau Wave, Hong Kong, 2017

Artists Statement

My art is made with light, time, and chance. The artworks document passage of time by capturing the sun's UV rays, the fast – changing lives of our era, and a sensation of belonging nowhere yet being equally (un)comfortable anywhere. Always outside looking in, buffeted by partially-understood languages and cultural norms, often welcomed, sometimes tolerated, never accepted.

Many works begin in modular fashion. Via repetition of process or form they become large, flexible, site-specific installations. Some make use of contemporary Chinese manufacturing as well as early photographic and modern digital processes, bringing together West and East in ways similar to those that are impacting our world in ways we are only beginning to understand.